Author: Graham Parker

Graham Parker

Graham Parker, a seasoned journalist with a keen eye for detail, brings a wealth of experience to UAVA. Known for his straightforward approach to reporting, Graham delivers news with clarity and precision, making complex topics accessible to all.

The iconic Woolworth brand, which ceased operations in the UK in 2009 amid the financial crisis, might be poised for a comeback. Roman Heini, the Chief Executive of HH Holding, the company that rescued Woolworth in Germany, has expressed intentions to explore the possibility of bringing the beloved retailer back to UK high streets. HH Holding played a pivotal role in saving Woolworth in Germany after the closure of its British shops in 2009. Mr. Heini, who has an extensive background in executive positions at Aldi and Lidl, took the helm as Woolworth’s Chief Executive in 2020. Despite the challenges…

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Tensions flared on ITV’s ‘Peston’ programme as Ian Hislop, a familiar face on ‘Have I Got News For You,’ confronted former Tory chairman Jake Berry regarding the government’s sluggish response to the Post Office IT scandal. The scandal, arising from the faulty Horizon computer system, led to the unjust conviction of numerous sub-postmasters for fraud and false accounting. The atmosphere grew heated when Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced emergency legislation to clear the names of those affected by the scandal. However, this move prompted scrutiny over the government’s delayed actions and the timing of their intervention. Hislop, renowned…

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